STRATEGIC APPROACH From client brief to create brand love and execution that make ORA to become most desirable EV in Thailand. We approached with strategy to turn automobile into lifestyle gadget that would enrich consumers’ quality living.


STRATEGIC APPROACH Introducing the demonstration of forbidden activity in online space with our creativity towards product. But more than 360 communication, we did 720 including back-end service for client and take care of their e-commerce system and warehouse to deliver product until it all successfully sold out. Serving right content to right person is the […]


STRATEGIC APPROACH Winning ‘Top Social Award’, we can always impressively deliver the brand concept into social space, catching mass attention and build talk among both targets and non-targets by amplifying brand solid idea into more creativities and elaborate them into controversial situations. A product that is mainly sold through grocery store is a big challenge […]


STRATEGIC APPROACH Disrupting general perception towards brand having promotion to avoid looking cheap. We create luxurious promotion concept that allure target consumer to ‘collect’ this product instead of ‘buying cheaper’ by comparing the units left with collectable item in the trend.


STRATEGIC APPROACH Songkran Electronic Music Festival took place in front of Aftermoon pub & restaurant for 6 days & nights straight with all the special effects, high voltage UV lights, and dancers with a huge lineup of 48 DJs from all around Thailand.

SCG Career

STRATEGIC APPROACH The recruitment website for SCG where the brand identity, work environment and culture is reflected and communicated with user friendly experience for both candidates and organization.


STRATEGIC APPROACH We can offer our product as a consumer solution with tips and tricks that make the habit of money management enjoyable, by making money more approachable and simple for consumers into a social space to create our community by attracting attention and building participation among our target audience.


STRATEGIC APPROACH We demonstrated new brand positioning through user interface in website to be the first official gateway into CTW’s new branding experience.


STRATEGIC APPROACH ‘Dream Never Expired’. Realizing that no one casually asked elderly of their dreams considering their time left, we picked up this painpoint to be the person who shouts out for their dreams they still have left. This can also accurately sharpen media targeting for brand and product.


STRATEGIC APPROACH Campaign strategy for brand celebration, we translate 50 years into brand’s long time dedication to not only serve consumers’ need but grow with possibilities together since the beginning.

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